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Construction has begun

The foundation is hammered into the ground (living with water …. That’s what we dutch do)



Gadgets for the new house (Wishlist suggestions are appreciated leave a comment)

This blogpots is to invite all of you to suggest (functional) gadgets that i shoul by or at least look into for the new house. So please leave your suggestion as a comment on this post anything that makes live more convenient ranging from surveillance equipment to as shown below Thermostat.

1 Nest Thermostat (









2 Nest smoke + co alarm (

(A new House) Begin with the end in mind…

Recently bought a new house, really looking forward to packing my things and move there but it won’t be finished before October 2014. As of friday i own the ground the construction can start.

This is what the end result will look like:

End result October 2014

The left part of the House will be mine.

This is what the location looks like today: