TPM the connection to the trusted platform module could not be established

I struggled like many to get windows 10 to update to the creators version. Reason being a annoying TMP (Trusted Platform Module issue) in my case the infineon version on a Samsung laptop.

I have spend many hours looking for a solution but i haven’t come across one that fixed this issue for my particular setup. In the end i managed to get this sorted though. Here is what i did:

  • Disabled TPM in the bios of the machine (On the Samsung press F2 repeatedly while booting to enter setup)
  • In the security section set TPM to disable
  • Start windows and (in my case look for the infineon folder in either \Program files or \ Program file (x86)
  • Delete this folder
  • Open task manager (Ctrl+Delete)
  • Goto Services tab
  • Locate: IFXTCS.exe runs as a service named ‘Trusted Platform Core Service’ (IFXTCS) “The Trusted Platform Core Service manages access to the Trusted Platform Module of this computer.
  • Double click this
  • Set service to disabled
  • Reboot machine

After this (in my case) the windows 10 update executed just fine


One response to “TPM the connection to the trusted platform module could not be established

  • Belsys Lim

    Hi Caron,

    Your info is really helpful, I finally managed to solve the issue using following your solution for My Samsung ATIV smart PC

    PC Bios setup – Press Power ON with Window button

    Go to : PC Bios : Security – TPM – Disable
    Go to : Services – disable “Trusted Platform Core Service”
    Restart PC
    Go to : Controls Panel – Program & Feature – uninstall infineon TPM
    Go to : c:\program file or c:\program file(x96) – Delete infineon folder

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