NetFlix in countries where Netflix is not availabe yet

As i stated in tweet a while back: Netflix (or likewise) is probably the best way to fight illegal downloads from Torrent sites or newsgroups. In my mind it will be more effective than what the organizations like BREIN over here in the Netherlands are trying to do. Netflix however is not (yet) available in every country if you live in one of those countries visiting will tell you so and you can’t create a trial account or subscription.

There is a solution follow these steps:

  1. DNS (re)routing
  2. Netflix account

DNS (re)Routing

You’ll need  DNS entries in your PC or TV (or better yet in your router) to make Netflix believe you are living in the USA. To do so you go to and sign-up for the 7 day trial DNS entries. You’ll receive an email with two DNS addresses that you need to configure in you TV, PC or router. If you add the to the router all your devices in the network will be able to access Netflix if you add them to a PC or TV only that device will be able to access Netflix. How to configure the addresses in your TV PC or Router can be found on the site ( as well for most mainstream routers at least. Otherwise search for it on the internet chances are someone has already done it using the same router you own.

Netflix account

After configuring the DNS in your router or device use that device to goto if you still get the message that Netflix is not available in your country you didn’t configure the DNS correctly. If you get the welcome screen that invites you to sign up for a 30 day trial (you successfully setup the DNS) proceed and create the account. One additional step here is that in the wizard you will be prompted to leave a credit card number or to use PayPal. PayPal doesn’t work  Netflix apparently only accepts PayPal payments from US (if you do try PayPal anyway when you submit the payment the screen will tell you). The credit card option forces you to add a zip code (your own won’t work!) you’ll need to enter a valid US zip code (any will do but you can find a simple trick right here: after these steps your done.

Your setup with a 7 day US DNS trial account, and a 30 day Netflix trial account. You will have to actually purchase DNS entries after 7 these 7 days to continue using the service (and Netflix). The DNS entries will cost you 5,00 $ a month and Netflix 8,00 $ a month. So for 13$ you’ll have access to unlimited movies tv shows and more.


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