Overcome Cloud FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt)

There are a couple of concerns and objections that can reasonably be raised when cloud computing is considered within your organization. Many times the argumentation used is comming from fear uncertainty and doubt. Besides that people do not question how ‘good’ their current infra & software landscape is. Lets address the most important issues when it comes to cloud FUD.

losing control
Losing control of the infrastructure, applications, data and so forth. Even though this might be valid in some cloud offerings, there are cloud offerings that do provide sufficient tools to measure QoS (Quality of Service). The losing control factor is mainly psychological and driven by “Server huggers” who love to walk into a room being able to touch the server(s). The costs for being able to hug the server however are huge. Does an organization that isn’t an IT company really want to know what every server is doing? IT to them is a commodity that simply needs to work in order to make it work they had to staff people and own servers in the pre cloud era.

Security is the ultimate fear factor in any computing environment but it reaches new heights in the Cloud computing space. It is true that your applications are running across the internet and therefore more open to an attack than applications in a data center. But if a hacker comes inside your data center unsecured applications become their playground. So whether or not your apps run in a data center or in the cloud the applications in today’s world should be locked down. So applying the right security at every level is important. As far as the infrastructure goes who will be better at security you or the cloud provider whose business depends on it.

Data loss
Another fear is the loss of data, basically when you are in the cloud with your crown jewels you don’t know where it really is. Basically you need a 24/7 backup scenario in place in order to prevent data loss. Besides a robust backup mechanism you need a transaction logging in place to see what is going on during business hours. So when selecting your cloud provider take these elements into account.

other concerns
Vendor lock in, complexity, learning curve and or losing our jobs. But none of these are cloud specific this is common with any new emerging technology.

Parting thoughts
Those opposing the cloud based on the other concerns section, should be more concerned about losing their job when not embracing this new phenomena. Conventional and emotional thinking around security and data loss should be revisited while looking in the mirror. Defining a roadmap and a strategy to move to the cloud are must haves. An on and offboarding strategy should be defined before starting the transition to overcome the vendor lock in.

The cloud is a new reality to be embraced and understood. Think in possibilities and opportunities without loosing sight of possible threats.


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