TPM the connection to the trusted platform module could not be established

I struggled like many to get windows 10 to update to the creators version. Reason being a annoying TMP (Trusted Platform Module issue) in my case the infineon version on a Samsung laptop.

I have spend many hours looking for a solution but i haven’t come across one that fixed this issue for my particular setup. In the end i managed to get this sorted though. Here is what i did:

  • Disabled TPM in the bios of the machine (On the Samsung press F2 repeatedly while booting to enter setup)
  • In the security section set TPM to disable
  • Start windows and (in my case look for the infineon folder in either \Program files or \ Program file (x86)
  • Delete this folder
  • Open task manager (Ctrl+Delete)
  • Goto Services tab
  • Locate: IFXTCS.exe runs as a service named ‘Trusted Platform Core Service’ (IFXTCS) “The Trusted Platform Core Service manages access to the Trusted Platform Module of this computer.
  • Double click this
  • Set service to disabled
  • Reboot machine

After this (in my case) the windows 10 update executed just fine


Construction has begun

The foundation is hammered into the ground (living with water …. That’s what we dutch do)


The Kitchen to be

It’s kinda odd to buy a kitchen while the construction of the house has yet to start. But while considering where the plumbing, gas pipes and electricity should be placed this is what i ended up with buying. The kitchen is part of the whole interior instead of just being a place to prepare a meal. This is going to be a functional place to hang out and enjoy a good conversation while cooking or just sit in the window and read a book or something.

I think this is pretty awesome:































Gadgets for the new house (Wishlist suggestions are appreciated leave a comment)

This blogpots is to invite all of you to suggest (functional) gadgets that i shoul by or at least look into for the new house. So please leave your suggestion as a comment on this post anything that makes live more convenient ranging from surveillance equipment to as shown below Thermostat.

1 Nest Thermostat (









2 Nest smoke + co alarm (


(A new House) Begin with the end in mind…

Recently bought a new house, really looking forward to packing my things and move there but it won’t be finished before October 2014. As of friday i own the ground the construction can start.

This is what the end result will look like:

End result October 2014

The left part of the House will be mine.

This is what the location looks like today: